Geocortex Water Webinar Series

In this three-part webinar series, we share some of the innovative ways water management professionals are using web GIS to simplify daily tasks and overcome unique challenges.

Part 1: Streamlining Your Water Processes Using Web GIS

The first webinar in our series explores source water protection, specifically, and includes demonstrations of applications built by the Regions of Waterloo and York to manage Source Protection Plan requirements established in the Clean Water Act.

Part 2: Web GIS and Asset Management: Solutions for Water Management

In this webinar, we examine how GIS and asset management software (such as Cityworks®, elementsXS, Lucity®, or Accela®) can work hand-in-hand to solve common business problems. Tune in to see a live demo of an application built by the City of Troy, MI, and learn how they combine their Geocortex and Cityworks asset management systems to meet MS4 permitting requirements.

Part 3: Flooding & Water Loss: Manage Water Events at Each Extreme with Web GIS

In the third and final webinar in the series, we take a deep dive into the work being done by professionals dealing with polar opposite problems: too much water or not enough. Tune in to see examples of web GIS being used to manage flooding (with a live demo of the City of Fort Collins' Dynamic Flood Map solution), as well as water loss through improved leak detection, smart hydrants, and accurate water shut-off tracing.


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