April 2017

Geocortex Workflow: From Complex Business Processes to Simple End-User Interactions

GIS departments are faced with a dilemma: how do they deliver all of the geospatial layers and features their users are asking for in a web application, and still make the applications easy to use? Developers need to consider power users – who require access a variety of data and functions – as well as first-time users, who may not be familiar with GIS at all. They are looking for ways to deliver simple, easy to use web-based apps that don’t require GIS training to use, but still offer powerful capabilities.

Is it possible to deliver apps that appeal to everyone?

These challenges inspired Latitude Geographics to develop a solution called Geocortex Workflow. Several years ago, we identified that organizations need to deliver sophisticated and custom business requirements, in simple applications that don’t overwhelm users with toolbars full of complex GIS tools. Workflows give users simple, guided, step-by-step interactions that can do really powerful things. Now, hundreds of organizations around the world lean on workflows to provide their most commonly-used features within apps. And they’re doing it without any custom coding.

In this webinar, Drew Millen (Director, Products) will show you how application administrators can configure custom, complex business logic into simple, guided interactions using Geocortex Workflow.


Upcoming Webinar

Our Geocortex Workflow: From Complex Business Processes to Simple End-User Interactions webinar will take place on April 25, 2017 from 10:00 - 10:30 AM (PDT).


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