Tablet showing real time collaboration on a water leak

Collaborate in real-time

Solve communication challenges spatially with map-based collaboration tools. Join focused chat rooms to share text, images and markup in real-time, and review past events with time slider playback.

The power of groups

Stay organized with returned results that are grouped by layer, allowing you to perform additional actions on each collection of results.

Group results by layer
Improved feature highlighting

Visualization enhancements

See the extent of your selected features and easily associate individual features with your results list through improved feature highlighting and push-pin interactions.

Take your queries to the next level

Perform more sophisticated queries using “OR” operations, save your queries for later, or publish administrator-defined queries for your end-users.

Download operational data from dynamic map services

Release Features

Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.9

  • Tested to be compatible with ArcGIS 10.5:
    • ArcGIS Server
    • Portal for ArcGIS
  • Solve communication challenges spatially with real-time, map-based collaboration tools
  • Clickable graphics, improved editing, editing markup
  • The results list now supports grouping of results by layer
  • Improved feature highlighting and push-pin interactions between the results list and map
  • Easily add or remove from existing results using identify tools
  • Enhanced markup symbology controls allow you full control over styles including support for icons
  • Filter the layer list and legend to find layers of interest
  • Build, save and run more sophisticated queries. This includes:
    • ‘OR’ operations with nesting
    • Administrator defined queries
  • Dynamically reorder map services and layers within the viewer
  • Export to CSV and Excel operations now include related data link data
  • Receive instant, ripple-effect feedback when clicking on the map
  • Enhanced feedback/notification system to prompt actions
  • End users are now able to delete attachments

Geocortex Mobile App Framework 2.3

  • In app notices to inform users when they should sync to ensure data is always up to date on device and on the server
  • Sync interruption and resumption handling to ensure syncs are successful
  • Improved logging to assist with troubleshooting on all supported platforms.

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